Amazon Integration with Smcommerce

When selling online, it can be hard to compete. Lots of competitors on the same virtual street. Ads on search engines? Often un-clicked, and hoping for sales feels like hoping snow sticks. As you are using SMCommerce, we have some great news! A revolutionary service which is easy to use. It takes all your products, and in within minutes, you can sell on Amazon, eBay, other marketplaces and shopping carts like Bigcommerce, Volusion etc.

We offer a solid Amazon integration which allows SMCommerce to import your orders and recent listings into our single console. Inventory is maintained across your stores, so a sale anywhere is also reflected in SMCommerce. Shipping information can be sent to Amazon, and we also allow you to find negative feedback on any of your products quickly and easily so you know who to follow up with.

But it doesn’t stop there; your quest has begun! You can sell on more marketplaces worldwide for one. Places with customers who never knew, how easy it is, to buy things from you. We automate everything and keep a strong link; from stock levels to prices, everything’s in sync! So you just keep running your own online store, but enjoy more sales than you had before.

Product & Inventory Sync

  • Uploads product information to Amazon (Item Name, Price, Images, Categories)
  • Supports all Amazon Product Categories
  • Updates inventory quantities from multiple locations in SMCommerce

Order Sync

  • Transfers orders and related customer information from Amazon to SMCommerce every 30 minutes (or as needed)
  • Supports FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)
  • Supports order cancellations along with option to include reasons


  • SMCommerce allows you to download all the orders and shipping details from all the marketplaces
  • We have partnered with UPS, USPS, FedEx for shipment of items
  • SMCommerce will automatically update the tracking number and sends a notification to the customer


  • You can add a distributor, upload the products either manually or automatically with regular intervals.
  • You can upload using either of these methods; FTP, URL or using custom adapter.
  • Automatically makes the items available or out of stock depending on the quantity.
  • We support the following formats for dropshipping, txt, csv, xls, xlxs.

Customer relationship management:

  • Customer queries from Amazon are automatically created as tickets in SMCommerce.
  • You can respond to tickets, change the status, assign to an agent in SMCommerce directly.

We Now Offer Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Integration As Well

SMCommerce is also integrated with FBA and has the below features.

  • Smcommerce allows you to download all FBA orders and this can be used for rich reporting.
  • SMcomerce also offers Amazon FBA inventory forecast module. The system allows you to create email alerts to forecast about items going out of stock and this will help in replenishing on time.