5 Reasons why SMCommerce is more human than just a set of codes written by our development team

5 Reasons why SMCommerce is more human than just a set of codes written by our development team

User Friendly Portal

We have designed SMCommerce with utmost care and ensured that most of what you want to see is there right on the dashboard, we have made it as dynamic as it could. The left hand navigation is coupled with easily identifiable icons to ensure that you are able to quickly navigate between orders, suppliers, customer emails, returns, etc. It is almost like you ask for something and your assistant hands it over to you.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every SMCommerce subscriber will have a dedicated account manager who works at a time to suit the customer’s time zone. The account manager ensures that the customer has all his operations taken care of without any hassle and even double up for you in case of your brief absence and some timelines need to be met. This is the best human touch anyone can ask for.

Fully Customizable

We have ensured that we have included everything that a comprehensive multi-channel ecommerce management tool should have but still we also understand that it might still need something to ensure that you feel the same human touch that we believe we have given to the tool. This is exactly why we customize the tool according to every customer’s needs. It is more like you build a tool yourself. Can it get more human?

Helpdesk with quick TAT

Although we have built a robust tool, we also have ensured that we have a helpdesk team that ensures all your queries are attended to within 4 hours and every grievance is resolved within 24 hours. A clear process is laid to raise a ticket and be resolved within the stipulated time. This really cannot get more human than this?

Evolution of the solution

The best human touch is its evolution. We first created SMCommerce to support only one specific shopping cart and amazon as sales channels. Today, we ensure that it is most up to date. To the extent that we even support Wish Marketplace and Jet which are relatively new in the market. We ensure that SMCommerce gives all our customers an experience that is matched otherwise only by a human.

You sure should see a demo of SMCommerce to know what I am talking about. Write to me at sales@smcommerce.net to schedule a demo.

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