Quit Losing on Sales with Analytical FBA Replenishment Reports

Quit Losing on Sales with Analytical FBA Replenishment Reports

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Fulfilled By Amazon is Amazon’s version of a fulfillment company with the added advantage of it also being the marketplace where you sell your products. This means that your products are stored with Amazon, packed and shipped by them, they handle all the customers and since they stock your products they also take more interest in ensuring that your goods are sold.

All the benefits by Amazon act as a panacea for the e-vendors especially for those who are still growing and testing the e-commerce waters. Leveraging this facility by Amazon not only helps them to increase the sales but they can do so without increasing the workload or expanding the existing resources. As an online seller, this is one of the most crucial decisions you will take which could either limit you to a small business or increase your online sales to a serious level.

Fulfillment by Amazon offers free delivery options for your products, even One Day Delivery option, which makes your services even more competitive and helps you gain access to millions of customers. The brand trust which Amazon has gained with its excellent services also comes attached with the FBA package. So, the happy customers, reduced work and increased sales means an all win for the e-vendors.

However, your task does not end there. It is crucial that you keep an eye on your stock levels with Amazon warehouses and replenish them before they sell out. A stock-out is a tedious ordeal that every online retailer wants to avoid. They not only cost you your sales but often result in customer dissatisfaction and irreparable damage to your reputation. To keep your sales flowing and minimize the losses incurred by stock outs, any e-retailer has to ensure that his stocks even with Amazon are up to date.

Suppliers and retailers often encounter problems in finding an inventory replenishment solution that helps manage their inventory and ensure that their stocks are at a sufficient level to satisfy customer demand with minimal capital tied up in the process and maximizing the sales turnover of each product.

SMCommerce’s analytical FBA replenishment tool can help you solve this issue by calculating what, when and how much to order so that you always have what your customers want. SMCommerce makes use of the sales history across all sales channels to generate a projected demand for each product. The current stock levels and the warehouse inventory are also considered in determining a date and quantity for reorder so that the retailer never misses out on a sale due to stock outs.

An easier way to manage your inventory:

Prioritizing the products:

SMCommerce lists out the products as Top Sales on the basis of sales history which can also help distinguish your products. The Top Sales are the products that you do not want to run short of as these generate the most sales. Prioritizing these products will make it easier during supply replenishment and you can also ensure that these specific products are always readily available.

Save time and money with SMCommerce Recommendations:

SMCommerce Recommendations uses your previous sales history to provide you with a forecast of the number of units you need to replenish for each individual product. It saves time on manual computation and also gives you more precise figures. Accurate forecasting helps you to stay on the top of your customer’s needs without engaging excess funds into your stock.

Manual Adjustment:

With changes in the information and data that are privy just to you and have not yet been updated into the system, you can use filters to change the SMCommerce recommendations and adjust the numbers manually.

Analyze the sales volume of products:

SMCommerce allows you to download the sales data of each and every product according to your own needs. Date range can be set to create data that can help you plan out your future strategies. The individual sales reports also allow you to select the top sales products that require more focus on your part.

Easy to use dashboard with Amazon FBA reports and statistics:

SMCommerce provides a super convenient dashboard which lists out all the relevant data in the form of easy to use pie charts and graphs. This data can be easily used to get a quick overview of your business and the current trends of your products and the suppliers. The top suppliers and the top selling product list also come in handy.

Contributions by each Supplier:

As you need to keep all your products in stock, it is essential that you keep in top of your suppliers. SMCommerce provides you with all the data you need to know about your suppliers, it also lists out the contribution of each of your supplier towards your total sales in terms of both quantity and value.

SMCommerce with the help of all these data helps you to eliminate stock outs by giving you a forward view of the products that need to be replenished.

Please reach out to your account manager to know about the FBA replenishment analytical report.

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