Never let any Customer Query go unanswered with SMCommerce.

Never let any Customer Query go unanswered with SMCommerce.

Customer Relationship is an integral ingredient for the success of any business as happy and satisfied customers mean more sales and more profits. This applies twofold when it comes to e-commerce businesses which rely solely on websites and images to convince their customers to buy their products. To ensure that a customer repeats his orders and is happy with the total shopping experience, any business needs to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the product and obviously the follow-up service provided by the e-retailer.

This is where SMCommerce solution helps retailers and e-tailers. SMcommerce uses advanced and new features to ensure that you can provide best and seamless customer support. The user friendly interface makes it even easier to handle customer requests, organize them and keep track of them.

Managing your tickets is an essential part of Customer Relationship since resolving these tickets in time can help you convert a dissatisfied customer into a happy one. SMCommerce offers some great ticketing features for their clients. Let’s have a look at what these are:

Bring all your customer conversations and feedbacks from different shopping carts and makretplaces into one place.

SMCommerce has been specially designed for e-retailers who have their products listed on different websites and marketplaces. Retailers and e-tailers have to use different software to keep a track of their customer’s needs and complaints. This is because bad customer service normally leads to negative customer perception which services like NGP Integrated Marketing Communications aim to eliminate.

SMCommerce helps to bring-in all your tickets from Freshdesk and Zendesk into a single platform. This means more ease and convenience in handling and replying back to tickets without having to log onto different platforms or ticketing solutions.

Apart from integrating the messages, SMcommerce also comes equipped with a number of other features and functions that can help you manage your tickets smoothly and create more and more happy and satisfied customers.

Assign tickets to different customer support executives for better customer service.

For a successful business, you do not want any unhappy customer’s complaint to go ignored and unanswered as this will keep them unhappier customers. recommends that you reach out to unhappy customers in order to try to make them loyal satisfied customers! SMCommerce ensures that none of the tickets is left without a reply. Customers can create filters to track tickets and ensure that the tickets are responded timely. The ticket assignment feature allows customer support executives to assign tickets to their supervisors.

To add to that feature, SMCommerce allows managers and executives to have insights of pending tickets and to whom they are assigned to.

Create filters for increased convenience.

SMCommerce helps you create filters which come in very handy when you need to sort out hundreds and thousands of mails. These filters can be created according to your businesses’ own specific needs which can later be used to club different tickets easily.

This also reduces redundancy in tasks as you have a ready matrix that can provide you with all the information regarding which tickets have been read and resolved and which tickets need to be looked into first.

Manage tickets more easily with the Ticket status drop box:

The heavy quantity of mails generated make it very difficult to ensure that each customer query or compliant is resolved and in time. Each ticket can be tagged as open, resolved or closed simultaneously after the necessary steps are taken. These statuses are passed back to your ticketing systems like Freshdesk and Zendesk.

This is very useful even on occasions when you have a customer compliant for replacement. If you do not have the specific product replacement at hand, tag that ticket as unresolved and filter it accordingly. As soon as the product is available you can cater to that ticket without fail.

Prioritize your tickets.

SMCommerce lets you prioritise each of your tickets according to the need of the hour. This helps you work on tickets that need your attention first ensuring that you can solve each ticket as smoothly as possible.

Send back well-formatted replies

Any reply to the customers’ complaints can be formatted with the help of the editing options available.

These ticketing features by SMCommerce helps you to take care of your customer queries in a well-organized and easily trackable way. The simple user friendly interface ensures that there is minimal confusion regarding the queries received and provides the perfect support your customer service executives need to do their job efficiently and on time.

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