Cloud Based Inventory Management 101

Cloud Based Inventory Management 101

More business systems than ever are being managed “in the clouds” in of on an in-house server or computer system, there is simply comparisons between either of them. While many businesses have made the leap to cloud-based accounting or CRM systems, there is a growing trend in moving inventory management there as well, and for good reason.

Cloud based inventory management is a great idea for so many reasons. It enables your company to do so many things never before deemed possible, such as:

• Enables immediate data access from any Internet connection
• Lowers the cost of inventory management with a low monthly fee vs. a large upfront investment
• Allows for massive data storage capacity
• Eliminates maintenance issues

Putting your inventory management in the cloud using software from companies such as ServiceMax or others means that you have instant and easy access to your inventory – no matter the size – and at a lower cost to you. It also eliminates the many maintenance issues that typical computer or server based systems require on a regular basis, giving you more time to focus on – and properly run – your business.

If you are considering a cloud-based inventory management system make sure it has the features you need to properly manage your inventory. Here are only a few of the more important features of cloud-based inventory management systems:

• Barcode tracking
• Order management
• Multi-location tracking
• Full accounting systems integration
• Serial number tracking

Whatever your specific needs, you can be sure to find them using SMCommerce cloud-based inventory management systems. We have the experience and business acumen to give you what you the service you need to better manage your inventory system. Give yourself a leg up on the competition, take a leap into the future of inventory management and come join us in the clouds.

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