The best way to earn a customer’s trust whilst in the e-commerce industry is getting the items to be delivered right on time or rather earlier. Consider you warehouse being as big as a football field and you keep running to know where the item is located. Wasting time, missing to know where the item is at becomes too common and a big problem.

Key objectives in designing an order picking operation include increases in productivity, reduction of cycle time, and increases in accuracy. Often times these objectives may conflict with one another in that a method that focuses on productivity may not provide a short enough cycle time, or a method that focuses on accuracy may sacrifice productivity.

Productivity: Productivity in order picking is measured by the pick rate. Piece pick operations usually measure the pick rate in line items picked per hour while case pick operations may measure cases per hour and line items per hour. With SMCommerce, your staff will never have to worry about picking the items faster.

Cycle Time: Cycle time is the amount of time it takes to get an order from order entry to the shipping dock. In recent years, customer’s expectations of companies to provide same day shipment has put greater emphasis on reducing cycle times from days to hours or minutes. With SMCommerce, this can be achieved at a lightining speed as you will know exactly know which bins the item is located.

Accuracy: Regardless of the type of operation you are running, accuracy will be a key objective. Virtually every decision you make in setting up a warehouse will have some impact on accuracy. From the product numbering scheme, to the design of product labels such as these magnetic labels (which are very popular in warehouses), the design of picking documents, location numbering scheme, storage equipment, lighting conditions, picking method used, and product packaging.

Above all, with the tools and technology used in product packaging constantly developing it is vital that warehouse staff are able to access equipment that can boost productivity. For example, in a warehouse that uses heat shrink plastic packaging, using heat guns can dramatically improve the packaging process. You can learn more about the benefits of investing in these types of tools by taking a look at this useful guide on the Pro-Tect Plastics website.

Additionally, to reduce all the problems faced in a warehouse and to overcome late shipment along with active usage of staffing, SMCommerce has built a simple feature using our technology expertise. Now with SMCommerce you can stop worrying about your orders being routed to the right warehouse. We overcame the problem by adding the below features to our software and helped save millions of work hours wasted in warehouses.

Order Routing: All you have to do about routing the orders to the right warehouse is by adding the name of the warehouse in SMCommerce and assign the inventory list to the newly added warehouse. Our software is so intelligent that once an order of the item present in that warehouse, this order will be automatically routed to that location and your warehouse staff can note this order.

Pick Sheet: We did not stop with order routing alone. We wanted to make the warehouse associates live simpler and more productive by processing more orders by adding another great feature called Pick Sheet. The main objective of integrating this great feature is to help the warehouse associate to identify the right bin where the items are located. This will save a lot of running around time and increase the Turnaround time for the number of orders being processed. All the warehouse associate do here is, Click the warehouse in SMCommcerce-> Select the newly received orders-> Click report-> Click generate Pick sheet. This will give a report of where which item is located.

SMCommerce (http://www.smcommerce.net/) has always considered and is continuously working towards streamlining your business process in the world of e-commerce, where we have the right tools and services to make sure you are on the right track. We made warehousing easier and less frustrating, where running around and not know what to do is completely gone. Rather, you now know what exactly to be done when something happens. You have a problem, we have the right solution for you.

Kindly contact us if you are interested in any of the above services as we are looking forward to helping you reach that extra mile in achieving your dream in conquering the e-commerce industry using the right tools and expertise. You can reach us at +1-732-582-0699 or email us directly on sales@smcommerce.net.

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