Sync Inventory with Supplier

Sync Inventory with Supplier

One of the major challenges that online sellers face is synchronizing inventory with multiple suppliers and overselling items. Here is a question we received from one of our leads.

This season, I lost more than $10k orders because my supplier ran out of stock on some items. We have to make sure that we only display and sell what our supplier has in their inventory, remove everything else. Can SMCommerce automate this?

We need a way to take the inventory, pricing and product information from the Drop Shippers and plug it in to our website, eBay and Amazon (only if) automatically.

Our answer is yes and that’s what does. SMCommerce simplifies your inventory management. You can just plug in as many as suppliers and SMCommerce takes care of rest. SMCommerce has an import functionality that will allow you to import your supplier products. Once imported, you will be able to publish these products to various marketplaces, shopping carts and marketing channels. platform also offers you the flexibility to schedule your feed downloads and import products. But this is not out of the box but requires customization based on needs.

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