Sears – Marketplace Integration

Online retailers who sell on Sears love the 15 million loyal customers who buy from Sears daily. We’re happy to announce that with our continued growth, we’ve added Sears to our list of integrated marketplaces. allows their client’s ecommerce or shopping cart software direct integration into their marketplace system. If your merchant account type is enabled for this type of integration, we can automate your entire ecommerce sales channel solution. You will be able to:

  • Automatically send your catalog directly to the marketplace;
  • Automatically receive order and customer information;
  • Automatically Syncs inventory status;
  • Automatically support any function or feature from;
  • Plus full integrated support of CRM.

Advantages with Sears Integration:

Sync Inventory: As your products are sold on Sears and other marketplaces or storefronts, SMCommerce automatically updates inventory levels and syncs the balance of quantities across all of your sales channels.

Import Orders: Import orders from Sears and other channels as often as every 5 minutes. No more manually checking for sales orders in each sales channel separately- SMCommerce does the work for you and displays critical information in a central dashboard for quick and easy management.

Fulfillment and Shipping: SMCommerce consolidates products across sales channels including Sears, allowing you to easily prepare your products for shipping. You can create packing slips and shipping labels. Once products are shipped, SMCommerce marks the item as shipped in the marketplace and sends a tracking number to your customer.

Keep listings live: Edit live listings within your SMCommerce account. From there, we will automatically update the new quantity, price, and product information on Sears. We also help prevent your listing from expiring, keeping your business in good standing.

Overselling: SMCommerce can even help eliminate oversells. Once your quantity hits zero, SMCommerce will close the listing for you.

Shipping: SMCommerce allows you to download all the orders and shipping details from all the marketplaces. We have partnered with UPS, USPS, Fedex for shipment of items. Once you ship the items, SMCommerce will automatically update the tracking number and sends a notification to the customer.

Dropship Management: You can add a distributor, upload the products either manually or automatically with regular intervals. You can upload using either of these methods; FTP, URL or using custom adapter. This will automatically make the items available or out of stock depending on the quantity. We support the following formats for dropshipping, txt, csv, xls, xlxs.

Sears integration can definitely do wonders when it comes to increasing sales and thus making success easier to achieve. Make sure that you choose the best company that provides this exceptional service in order for you to get the best results that you deserve!